It began with a vision and a mission... A vision of helping challenged teens who think they have no place to call home. A vision of helping teens who are in need of respite from constant tension and turmoil they endure. Thus Chaya's Community came into being.

Teens At Risk

It is a safe haven for girls that are frightened and alone, who are beguiled by the scourge of our times, "the rapid decline of yiddishkeit" and are enticed to live a life off the derech. The end result is a lifestyle of decadence, numbed with substance abuse, leading to a cycle of devastation and despair.


Chaya's Community offers a positive, loving structured environment where every member can benefit from a host of therapeutic and professional services tailored to her individual needs - A place to connect and be connected. A place that will empower them to change their destructive ways and grow.


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Chaya’s Community


     “where every girl is a valued member”